Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation Question 4&5

The main media branch our independent film will use to market and distribute it self to reach higher recognition will be the internet. Sites such as youtube, which are littered with online videos that can also be shared on social networking sites such as Facebook and Tweeter. To improve on the amount of views your video has. However, due so sheer amount of videos posted on youtube, your video can get lost in pile. Hense you would have to make your video very interesting and original. Suchas this video parody of the classic game Mario Bros.

In addition to the internet our film will be shown at the Green on the screen cinema, Upper Street in Angel. To reach a bigger audience. Also our film, along with all the AS media films, will be released on dvd. 200 copies will be issued to distribute to family and friends to watch and pass on our films, for them to gain recognition.  

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