Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Working in this group, recently has been soo ANNOYING and thats and understatement.....
Downs (and ive got a hell of a lot of them)
- Lack of participation from certain group members
- Lack of organization and when you do try and take control.... your criticized
- Laziness until its its too late..... FOR EXAMPLE NO BODY BOTHERED TO BOOK CAMERAS FOR HALF TERM. I would've but i thought one of them had gone to book it LIKE THEY SAID but they didn't!
- Very argumentative, when i put in certain ideas they counter it.... ONLY TOWARDS THE END WHERE WE HAD NO IDEA WHAT WE WERE DOING THEY FINALLY BEGAN TO LISTEN.

- Some interesting ideas given - very very few
- Some times i can rely on them to bring certain props - but not all the time
- We all specialize in different parts i.e me the guy that comes up with ideas, Aykut the camera dude, Shazray helps me with sound and jajeet the guy that helps.... WE PITCH IN FOR EDITING.

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