Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation Question 4/5

No-one wants to go through the trouble of making a great film and then having no-one watch it so the following are techniques of ways we can reach an audience.
  • First light
This is a great source of media distribution it gives low budget film makers an opportunity to have their film shown to a wider audience plus prizes can be won 
  • Sunday times

  • Indie movies online
Some of the movies on indie movies online that I watched were of a more high quality I feel as if putting our film on a website like that could only harm our already low credibility 
  • DVD - 200 copies
Our film being distributed with 200 DVDs is a big opportunity to gain the film some more exposure however the audience will be limited to only friends and family and we wont make any money from this method
  • Film screening
Our films going to be screened at a local cinema 'one of the top cinemas in London'(according to Bernard) its going to be shown to all of he other media students 

  • Vimeo
  • Facebook

Facebook is a good way to have people watch your films and if people keep reposting your film eventually it will have an audience that is beyond estimation.
  • Youtube
when speeking of trying to make a film known on through youtube you have to mention Panic Attack on a low budget but using special effects this film accumulated ove 6 million views on youtube doing beetter than a lot of hollywood blockbusters do at the cinema.

However our fillm is not panic attack and does not have the special effects that will entice action boffin s to keep on clicking on it

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