Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Preparing set and actors

Whilst preparing the set, we had to think carefully about the mis-en-scene and what sort of props we should use to make the scene look as realistic as possible.  We used different props to go with what the character does and who it is. For example one of the main characters is the janitor, through this we tried to make him look as 'legit' as possible. We got cleaning products for the janitor to use which played a big part in our film. The clothes that the janitor wore matched what we were expecting.

With setting the group members a set character we struggled slightly, throughout the filming of our sequence we kept on changing on who would do which part. As our idea kept changing so did the characters so when it came to setting a set character we struggled.

The mis-en-scene I think was used good. The location was good as it matched our plot. We used a basement which was dark, creepy and messy. The rest of the props we got ourselves to make it look more of a storage room were a janitor would put their equipment.

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