Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Yet again we changed our idea for our film from the orginal idea of using intertextuality from the thriller 'the stepfather' to a whole new idea.

The new plot is based around a janitor.
Here the run through

- Firstly there will be roughly 20-30 seconds of kids playing football in a nearby pitch.

- Then the ball accidently kicked over the pitch and into a near by parking space/lot. Where it stops right infront of a celar of basement.
(Picturre soon come!)

- The focus then switches from the ball and the moves towards  the basement as the camera draws in closer towards it.
(picture soon come!)

- 3 doors then come into veiw while everything is dark only one door seems to have any activity going on inside of it, and that door is slightly creaked open!

- 4 As camera closes is we see a shadowy figure working in the room. As the camera enters room we see that it is a janitor working or doing what ever hes in doing in the room.

But hes obviously gonna look more shady than this guy...

- 5 Once finished the janitor walks out of the room and stands infront of the door for a good 3-5 seconds as he locks it. And as he moves out of the camera's sight we see there is a big KEEP OUT SIGN on the door.

Dunn Dun DUNNN

P.S thinking of changing title from ROOM 13 too KEEP OUT!

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