Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Evaluation of Prelim Film

Over all i am very proud of the final turn out of our prelim film. I believe that the plot was simple and easy to follow, the timing of the actors movements were in sink with the background music, the text swooped in from the top which also went well with the actors movements and the music, there was alot off different shots and camera angles which i believe help set the pase of the film, the editing was fast and sharp again going well with the fast music and action. Possibly adding to the theme of cool and danger.

However, the room we were shooting in was too dark. And for our actual film we cannot use songs, we would have to create our own sound tracks. 

To conclude, making this prelim film has given me alot of confidence in being a camera man, as we experimented with a range of different shots and angles, i have developed my skills in editing with final cut pro and using soundtrack pro. And most importantly i believe that due to the positive feed back we got from our film, has given  me and my group the confidence and motivation to make an even better final film.  

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