Friday, 25 March 2011

Group Evaluation

It was no secret that i hated my group at the beginning to be honest i still hate those guys now but in the end we managed to put together a decent opening sequence to a thriller so i applaud us.

It was a stressful process for me i was in a new environment where i had to work harder than necessary just to meet standards. I had to invest a lot of spare time into the project which was new for me staying at college until 6.30 and coming in on fridays (my day off). Saying my group where unreliable would be the complement of the year however we did show initiative some of the time but if everyone put more effort into the project i think we would have made an even better film.

We Jayijeet who i cant even remember making a single contribution throughout the project he was just there.

Adekunle who was a typical director he just talked a lot not very much manual labour except the hassle of bringing in a football and taking his 5 minute breaks from sitting and watching us work. 

and Aykut who probably did the most because he was the camera man and did half of the editing but those where chores that he wouldn't give any one else a chance to do. Every-one offered to help but he was insistent,  in the end he didn't even finish the editing so i had to piece together the second half in time for the roughcut deadline which is why there was very many flaws in our rough cut.

Nevertheless we got it done.

Yours sincerely   

Shazray Carty

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