Friday, 25 March 2011

The Filming of our Opening to a Thriller Part 2

After our little mis hap with the camera, we had to shoot everything all over again. BUT, Shazray didnt like his performance and a demented janitor, and thought someone else should be janitor. Ade said that his too good looking to be a janitor( which is all bull crap), Jaijeet was too short to look scary and apparently because i have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep and a crazy look on my face( which i wasnt even aware of). I was the new Janitor.

And because I wouldnt take part in the football scene, that left me as camera man once again, for the football scene. We set  about shooting the same way as before, only with the camera settings the same through out. So again i wud set the camera on and off the Tripod, set the camera on the floor catching the feet of the person whos dribbling the ball, Standing behind the to catch the ball hit the net, pan the camera as one of the guy run with the ball.

Then came the Janitor scene and i had to hand the camera over to Ade, and instead of focus on the shoots or what to do with the camera, had to take directions from Ade. Again we took multiple shots, pans, ect. I found my self acting out the same thing 5 times but each time the camera would be some where else. And again we started filming at 9am and finished 12:15.

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