Sunday, 20 March 2011


We managed to cover the basics when it came to bringing stuff to the filming i.e basic things like football, janitors outfit SOME cleaning stuff and a screw driver.

But a benefit of working in a place like the basement was that there was tones of stuff that we could've used for scenery and it helped ALOT! the things here circled in red are what we found in the basement and put on our set to add to the 'MIS-EN-SCENE' of our film.

It didn't just help with the MIS-EN-SCENE, it also helped us with actual filming... For example when we neeeded a tracking shot of the corridor we were stumped because doing it hand held made it too jittery, for a second i thought we wouldn't get the shot, that is until we found this baby!
This allowed us to film a tracking shot quite well :) all we had to do was place the camera on it (CAREFULLY) and push (CAREFULLY)

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