Friday, 25 March 2011

Putting Our Film Together

During editing we discussed that we didnt want our football scene to take up alot of  time, so we reached the conclusion that we should turn it into a montage. Once watching some youtube tutorials, and reading guides online, we began making our montage. The key was to cut bits of a scene that didnt have much movement init and paste it together to give it fast pase. I highly enjoyed making our montage, because it was my first ever attempt at a montage. Though i am highly proud of the end result. I do think it should have been quicker.

However for our Caretaker part. Because we wanted to give the scenes that this was our villain, and we wanted to set a disturbing atmosphere. We didnt want it to be as fast pase as our football montage. So wen cutting clips, I only cut the bits till the Caretaker enters the frame. So that the film doesnt slow down sooo much that it becomes boring. Also for the Caretaker part. There were alot of match cuts. Because i would be acting out the same things over again just with a different camera angle, i had to watch the clips and cut out parts that were repeating and cut them and then match them.

I found that our prelim film before had helped me get to grips with final cut pro, because i knew all the functions, and found my self never asking for help, just occasionally asking my teachers to watch, so i could get there judgments as they have a better judgement towards a thriller than my self.  

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