Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation Question 2


Because the main character of our thriller is a demented janitor/caretaker, I took influence from the mental janitor from the t.v. sit-com scrubs. Though the character is suppose to be an over the top comedic character, at times the audience could see that he hated being look down at because of his position in the hospital that he works for hierarchy. Plus the Janitors build is intimidating it self, his tall and broad and almost every character when in the same scene as the janitor tilts there head to make eye contact.

My Characters Representation

 So I felt that my character, because his a working class Caretaker for a college, he could possible be spiteful that he hasn't had much success in the past. Also possible because his at such a lower position in the class system, and his works hierarchy, that he is looked down at by other workers, and possibly student. Thats why he steals there football. Because the children's characters are a contrast to the Caretakers. There young and happy, there currently under going college so they dont have much responsibilities, other than college. So the Caretaker steals there ball, possibly out of spite, but more out of jealousy towards the happy students.


Though most janitors wear overalls. Because my character was a caretaker for a college. I observed what the caretakers in my college wore. And they tend to wear worn out, dark coloured cloths. So to mimic there look, I decided on a dark olive green jumper, and dark navy, slightly worn out jeans, black work mens boots and the blue ID badge case that all members of staff in our college wear. Separating it from the red ones the students wear. 

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