Friday, 25 March 2011

The Filming of our Opening to a Thriller

From 9 am on Wednesday 2 march, we began our first ever filming of our final film. We gathered at our college astro turf, got the costume ready and every body took there positions. As camera man I was running around all over the place, climbing up stair cases, lying down on the floor. Getting an array of different shots from high angle, to low angle, from birds eye view, to worms eye view. Capturing Jaijeet, Ade and a couple other guys playing a match. I also had to give Jaijeet a crash course on how to be a good goal keeper, as he was too afraid to dive and get the ball, so his goal keeping wasnt very convincing.

After the football footage was caught, we went to the college basement, to begin shooting our mental Janitor. Played by Shazray. Again as camera man, me and camera went high and low climbing on things, lying on the floor using carts to again capture an array of footage. So we could have a wider selection to choose from when editing. And by we finished the filming at 12:15. And in the end had 127 different shots to sort and edit.

However disaster! When we were sorting our footage for editing we found that all the clips had different filter settings and focus, so the lighting didnt match for different clips, I figured during the filming when was constantly moving around the camera i must have accidentally changed the Camera's filter and focus settings. So we cudnt edit to clips together and make them match due to the different focus and light.

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