Friday, 25 March 2011

Making The Soundtrack


After researching soundtracks for montages and watching alot of football montages. We wanted something very fast and catchy for the beginning for, both to show the fun the students are having playing football, and something that would well with the editing.

But for the every beginning where the student we entering the turf we thought that because nothing much was really happening, that nothing much should also happen sound wise. So we went with a simple snare drum beat.

Then as the students get ready, and dressed up for the game, the snare stops and an energetic guitar riff come in to liven up the mood and add energy into the film.

Then When the ball come into the frame, along side the guitar comes a marching drum beat, to add some more energy to the scene.


Once the ball was kicked over we filtered out the energetic montage track, then once the Caretaker is scene added a mysterious and creepy back drop noise, and occasionally added in a non-deigetic droning sound. Which really worked well to create a tense but spooky atmosphere for the Caretaker.

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