Friday, 25 March 2011

The Pitch For Our Film

Before we were granted the media equipment to begin shooting our film, we had to put together a pitch, showing our films title, treatment, props, location, story board or animatic. Our original plot was to have a tray of tools and sharp objects trended in blood and the guy who these tools belong to cleaning them up. But using only extreme close ups and tilts, not revealing the guys face. To give our opening a mysterious and creepy effect, to catch the audience off guard. What inspired us to come up with this idea was the beginnings of The Step Father and Seven. In the step father all we see in the beginning is an array of shaving equipment, all neatly put together. Whereas In Seven where we only see a persons hands doing very demented and sinister things , such as razor blading his own flesh off. Me and my group thought that they were both very effective openings and we wanted to use elements of those linked with our own plot.

However Our teacher brought up that there would be too much gore, that our opening would fail to bring forth any suspense and keep the audience wanting more. Then we decided on a less "intense" plot to our opening. Then we came up with the scenario of college students having a mini football game in an astro turf, and one of them kicks there ball over and the ball hits a mad janitor. Who takes the ball and stabs it with a screw driver.

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