Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Suspense In StepFather!

The film isn't much of a surprise, and won't really be the type of film that'll stay in the back of my head for a long time because it has that 'been there watched that' feel due to so much intertextuality and incorporation from many Thrillers before it . Nevertheless, it done VERY well to keep the interest of the audience, giving us an omniscient position where we are the only ones who know, and the suspense is created through dramatic irony where we are aware of the dangers and the characters are not.

Most Interesting Parts

1st had to be the first 2-5mins of the film, where he looked as if he was just shaving -something casual arousing no suspicion- 
Well that is until we started seeing the bloody axes, knives in the sink. Along with the dead bodies and flashbacks, creating a sense that something is very very wrong.
This scene was more mysterious rather than suspenseful although the mystery soon turned into suspense when we found out he is a serial killer that has done it before and now hes out on the road looking for a new family.

The 2nd most interesting moments (or period really) would be when Michael took the role of the 'stalker' when he started suspecting and watching Dave more and more carefully especially after his dad had been killed. Creates the situation where Michael has to find out the truth before hes killed and Dave has to kill him before hes caught!...Very suspenseful! It engages the reader even more because it puts into practice the idea of good vs evil, in this case Michael vs Dave. Also there is a contrast in the pictures of them looking out of the blinds, Dave is shrouded in the dark,
while the lighting around Michael (Although still dark) is relatively a lot lighter in contrast.

The 3rd most interesting and possibly the most suspenseful moment was near the end was at the end where
Dave tries to kill the family. Especially when he had been stabbed in the neck (it looked like he was dead) but any thriller film fan would know he wasn't the fact the film is so unoriginal kept the suspense going because we knew he'd be back...BUT WE DID KNOW WHEN, so we kept waiting and waiting.

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