Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Card Game Sequence

After we got used to the cameras we were asked to film a suspenseful card game sequence. At first we planned on what our film was going to be about. We thought about many important things such as what was the main idea behind it, what was going to happen in it to make it suspenseful.

After all the planning we started to begin filming. At first we established our scenery. We tried our best to make it look as good as it could possible look.

At the beginning we started off with an extreme close up of the cards and the dealer. The dealer was acting suspicious so this built tension towards the audience as they are thinking what was going on. 

After we introduced the two players playing the game of cards. When the second player enters the room, him and the dealer glance at each other and the dealer makes a gesture towards the player. This suggest that they have planned to cheat in the game.

As the game goes on there is a montage of the game. The shots keep changing from each player to the cards. This builds suspense as the audience don't know what is going to happen and who is going to win the game.

The film ended with one of the players winning the game.

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