Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I think the most interesting thing about Intertextuality is the way that the viewer responds to it

for example, if a killer is stabbed, (Scream 1996)

thrown off a roof, (The stepfather 2009)
set on fire, (Child's play 1988)
even killed!, (I know what you did last summer 1997)

it is a certainty that they will make another appearance later on in the movie, whether its a final attempt to kill someone or just a small cameo at the end revealing to the viewer that they are still alive and well. (I smell a sequel)

But this is not the interesting thing about intertextuality the strangest thing is the way that a person can already know what's going to happen. But still when the axeman who we thought fell of the cliff to his certain death grabs at the stars ankle we are still suprised and jump out seats. Dispite how obvious its made. WTF!

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