Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Fonts come in all shapes and sizes all having different denotations and even more connotations. Even in today's high-tech-ish society fonts still play a major role in advertising a film.
This is because film posters although been just a poster is supposed to tell the person viewing it what the film supposedly is.....

Lost? Here is an example... A trait a lot of horrors have on there posters is...
 - A lot of horror films have fonts that have sharp points on most of there words... i.e the M in this poster. The sharp points in the lettering couple con-notate that there will be a lot of violence and use of weapons of some sort in the film.

- The words are usually colored in red or white (The white, not in this posters case, is often used to give off a ghostly/haunting) in this posters case the color chosen is red...which has common CONNOTATIONS   Blood, danger and death. Fitting well into the other conventions of a horror film.

- Also often the Thickness of the words or (how bold and big the lettering is) is often referred to how masculine the film is. An example would the poster for ROCKY which has very big and bold lettering, so big it barely fits on the page.

 In contrast to the prom night font which is relatively thin compared to the rocky one. Could reflect that although the film is violent it isn't very masculine, in conclusion it would imply that women would be the main target of the film, meaning that they are the more likely victims... Like in most horror films for example SCREAM.

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