Thursday, 13 January 2011

List of Thrillers Sub-Genres and what i like in em


The aim of all thrillers is usually to use tension, excitement and suspense to engage and entertain the audience. Although they have more or less the same goal, Thrillers end up coming in all kinds of different shapes and sizes or in other words different Sub-Genres.

Possible Sub-Genres of Thrillers:
Conspiracy Thriller: Thrillers which often involve the hero/heroine going up against a large group of enemies and quite often the protagonist is someone that just so happens to find himself in a very dangerous situation and has to unravel the conspiracy that goes all the way to the top (which usually involves politics, gangs, cults and other organizations)
A good example of a conspiracy Thriller is Marathon man by John Schlesinger

Crime Thriller: Crime Thrillers are suspenseful stories of a crime (obviously) although they can take place in the POV of police and investigators, they more than likley take place in the POV of the criminal... These are often action packed, contain alot of murders, killers and shootings.
A good example of a crime Thriller is Copy Cat by John Amiel 


Disaster Thriller: Thrillers than really build on the whole 'end of the world' theme, where man is put up against nature. This often consist of...well, natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and all that good stuff. A good example of a Disaster Thriller is 2012 by Roland Emmerich

Mystery Thriller: Where a character is basiclly solving or involved in a mystery, suspense is built through the slow unraveling of the mystery and often films like these contatin a large amount of twists in plot to keep the audience at the edge of their seats.
A good example of a Mystery Thriller is Momento by Christopher Nolan

Religious Thrillers: A film where the story or plot is closely connected to religion, either on a quest, unraveling a religoous mystery (making it similar to mystery thrillers). Although im not a fan of religious thrillers, i did pick this one mainly because of the film AND BOOK 'The davinchi code'. Dan browns best selling 'The Davinchi code' lead to a boom in interest in religious thrillers making the film 'The Davinchi code' very very popular. Although i personally haven't seen the film, i have read the book and i really liked it so, i might be incented to watch the film.

Supernatural Thrillers: Thrillers with characters is have other worldy abilities. This films have many twists in plots and the hero/villain usually has some kind of special power or ability. These films often consit of Ghosts and stuff and can easily be Horror/Thrillers as well. A good example of this could be What Lies Beneath by Robert Zemeckis.

These are just some of the different types of Thrillers (the ones that stand out too me, the ones i watch alot, apart from Religious Thrillers, only put that there because i like the davinchi code).

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