Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Card Game Video

We were asked to make a short video, about a an event given to our group by our teacher. Our event was a card game. Our objective was to make this card game as dramatic and suspenseful as posible.

The Filming Of The Card Game

For the introduction of the film we filmed an extreme close up of a deck of cards being shuffled. To mark the significants of the cards, as they are the primary focus. 

During the card game, we decided to record the game from a mixture of angles, to keep the audience interested. Also from time to time we recorded the players faces to pick up the tension of the card game. So the audience can feel there tension, thus making them more engaged in the film. 

The Editing

For the editing of the film, we used final cut pro. upon editing we got rid of all the digetic sound the camera pick up when we recorded the film. To make way for a sound track for the film. However due to lack of time and technical difficulties we weren't able to put a sound track over the film.

We also made a title sequence for the beginning of the film using liveType. We decided a black background with organe swerving lines, to set a mysterious atmosphere. 


To summaries i believe that making this video has given me some experience in both shooting and editing a small clip. The proses of making a clip has made me appreciate the conventions of movies ( camera work, editing, sound and mis en scene) even more. And now when watching a movie or any thing on tv i take more care in noticing these factors, and in turn getting some ideas for when we shoot our actual movie. 


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