Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Stepfather Review

The Stepfather a horror thriller about a man who changes his identity and meets a women at a super market, who is a single parent. The woman Susan Harding falls for the man, named David Harris's charm. After six months gone by and Susan's oldest son is released from Military school and reunited with his family. David and Susan much to every bodies shock announce their engagement. Though she has only known him for six months Susan knows surprisingly little about David's past. And when any character would snoop around and try and find out about David's past would end up being murdered by David.

I found the storyline very original and very powerful. However unlike your typical horror thrillers were the audience constantly feel shots of adrenalin run through their bodies and are constantly terrified. The Stepfather cleverly developed its story slower, slowly bringing the audience to the edge of there seats. Then once the story has reached it boiling point, and David's dark nature revealed. An very energetic and action packed scene where Susan and oldest son Michael are trying to defend them selves from David. Guaranteed to keep any one on the edge of there seats, keeping them in suspense and excited. But it was the ending of the film which was in my opinion was one of the best endings to a film ever. Though David and Michael both fall off the roof fighting Michael was in a coma for a month and Davids body was never recovered. Then when the audience  think the film is over David  once again changes his looks and name and finds another single mother,  and the story ends with masses of unanswered questions.

I thought the cast was spot on. They each played there characters flawlessly, which helped me connect with the characters and engage in the storyline. Dylan Walsh did a fantastic job of portraying a psychotic killer. The way he silently sweeps into rooms and startles all the other characters really gives the sense that all of them are trapped, and that David is the predator and the rest are just prey. Finally, Sela Ward also done a fantastic job portraying the stupid woman who is blind sighted by love. I found my self being very frustrated towards her character acting so rashly as to marrying a man she only knew for six months.

To conclude my review, I found The Stepfather to be a very original yet enjoyable film. I found myself sink so deep into the storyline I would often ask my self what will happen next.

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