Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Analysis Of Title Sequences

On Monday 17th of January, we spent the lesson analysing the opening title sequences to thrillers. And we highlighted that there were four ways in which a title sequence is organised.

  1. A narrative opening with the titles running throughout. The Step Father use this technic, where the film is running and the titles of the cast and crew and title of the film run by.


     2.  A discrete title sequence. The film Seven use this technic, where the the director has made a 
          sequence specifically for the titles to run through.  

    3.  Titles over a blank screen, followed by the narrative opening. The film Donnie Darko uses this technic, where the titles appear on a 
blank screen for the titles to appear, then the movies opening scene commences.

    4. A narrative opening with highly stylised editing, distinct from the rest of the film. The film Pelham 123 uses this technic. Where there titles sequence uses fast pase cuts, glamorised editing, and sound track that doesn't have much relevance to the film.    

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