Tuesday, 25 January 2011

First filming excersize

Soon into our first attempt to make a short film sequence I realised it was going to be a lot harder than I thought. I was already prepared for conflict and battles for control but what I never took into consideration was everything else required to make film. while filming and editing we had to overcome the following obstacles


  • Divas (Adekunle) - didn't like the way they looked in some shots a solution would be to bring a mirror next time we film just to prevent time wasted on redoing shots
  • Lighting - It took us a while to find a location in the classroom that gave us a "good lighting" where it wasn't too dark or too bright or too much shadow or the camera wasn't accidentally reflected on the wall during some shots.
  • Location - because we  were supposed to be filming a card game it didn't make sense for a card game to be played in what was obviously a school classroom so again we had to film from angles that didn't show the interactive board or the bags and tables.
  • Wasting Time - we wasted too much time on special effects before we put the whole film together as a result of this the film was fine visually but there was no sound at all because we ran out of time. So we should do the basics before adding effects
  • Taking the viewer into consideration - because we as a group created the storyline for the film we already new what was happening but it wasn't until we showed others students that we realised the film didn't make any sense unless you already knew the plot. so now we have to remember to make the film more understandable.

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