Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Step Father Review

I thought that film 'Step Father' was a good film in a sense that it lived up to expections and at somepoints exceeded them. The film created a lot of suspense and tension.
There was 3 main parts which stood out to me in creating suspence :
1. At the begining where the killer is shaving, he looks like an ordinary person in everyday life and then when the scene changes to the kitchen we suddenly see a dead person on the table and this makes the audience think what has gone on.
2. Furthermore, in the middle of the film theres a scene where the old lady next door hears a ring at the door and she goes to check who was there. It turns out that no one is there and this creates suspense as we know that someone/somethink is in her room.
3. At the end where he goes to visit his feyonce's sister and the light near the swimming pool is turned on, she goes outside and no one seems to be there, then the killed turns up behind her and kills her.

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