Tuesday, 25 January 2011

FIRST PRODUCTION EXERCISE (what really happened).

Our first production exercise (filming + editing) was the first time we used the camera, but the second time we used the editing program FINAL CUT PRO.

The filming was very... whats the word strenuous. Mainly because there  were many and i say many conflicts in ideas and it took us a while to come up with a way to actually film the clip.
Although we showed barely any signs of team work and  took ages to agree on ideas.... I'm glad we had that episode before we actually go to doing our main piece, and the quality of the 'card game clip' served as a wake up call the other 3 so rightly needed :)

The  main problems other than the crappy team work was:

Poor lighting, the lighting wasn't at all to our advantage. After a good 10mins arguing about lighting we decided it would be best to put dim, darkish lighting for atmosphere, we realized we were in a bright classroom at 11am in the morning.

 Although we kinda brought it on ourselves when we decided to pick a classroom as a location, showing we didn't really think things through well enough.

LACK OF A STORYBOARD:  We weren't too bothered about the storyboard idea when it was first mentioned. We thought we'd make it up as we went along. Didn't go to well.

If we had planned and thought about our ideas maybe the would be less quarrel when the actual filimg process began :s

The editing wasn't any better either, although we did start to work a bit better together. The problems were really:
- We spent wayy to much time trying to find which clips go were and adding special effects that we ran outta time and we couldn't add sound.
- Also final cut pro is hella confusing, especially when it comes to edit, we accidently turned our film redish and spent a good 20mins trying to get it back to normal.

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