Tuesday, 8 February 2011

'Watching' Film Documentary : RESEARCH

During lesson we watched a documentary on films and film openings.

The documentary made one message clear... You have to 'seduce the audience... 'If your first page doesn't give you a hard on said the veteran director Sam Fuller, you should throw the damn thing away'.
I agree with what he says here because if you don't find your own film, great it would be very difficult for anyone else too.

Also film director John Schlesinger said 'I think a good Sharp shot is sometimes a good idea' and then goes to talk about 'The believers' opening that in his own words 'shakes up the audience' and 'tells them there in for a ride'

Although Director Jean Jacques Beineix thinks of it differently, rather he claims the idea of instant arousal is a 'risk'. That although instant arousal may engage the audience, it would very hard to maintain... A film that keeps the audience at the edge of their seat through out every single moment is truly rare.
Rather he says its good to build the suspense slowly and not jump into the idea of 'instant arousal'. The documentary then goes on to show a 3min video opening to the film 'Diva (1981)' the opening was very slowly built although it did have a bit of mystery/suspense to it.

http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi3517291289/ (Hard to find the vid) so heres the URL

Another thing we were shown was the classical start to a thriller film, Stanley Kauffmann's of a classic opening was a massive establishing shot of a big city, a classic example would be Manhattan, New York, where there are lots of tilts, high angels over and around huge buildings until i goes into a window or some sort of private office or ally.

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