Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Who watches thrillers???

- In 2009 503 films were released and only 31 of them were suspense films

- Animation and Comedy films account for 52% of Box Offices in the Uk, while Thrillers account for a small 4% why this you say?
Well animations and comedy's target a very very wide audience, an animation can target ages 5-40, while thrillers are usually 15+ films and most 15+ cinema goers would most likely go and watch more popular genres such as horror and comedy.
 Also it must be taken into account that a lot of cinema goers are well families usually parents and little children and parents would rather take their child to a child friendly animation i.e Toy Story 3 or a fun comedy like Big Momma's House 2 than a thriller like What lies Beneath.

- What Genre likes what Thriller???
This diagram shows us what demographic in terms of sex, that genres target. It shows men are more interested in crime, action and scifi, while women are more interested in romance, period and suspense and both are equally interested in horror. The fact suspense pushes towards female more, it could be said that women are more targeted for thrillers films, although it could also be argued that most thriller films are cross genres so there could be action-thrillers, sci-fi- thrillers and even crime thrillers.
Making it almost impossible to say a certain Gender is more interested in thrillers.

- After looking at many Age ratings in almost Different Thrillers i can conclude that most thrillers are generally targeted at older audiences rather than younger ones.

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