Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Editing The Final Film

The filming process went well we managed to get every shot we needed especially the match cut that was the main task in the brief we filmed for roughly half an hour and had about 10 minutes of footage that was the easy part.

the hard part was condensing that 10 minutes into 2 minutes of interesting film.
after editing and uploading the shots onto the mac we had this.

That is a screen grab of all the shots we filmed. The next step was putting all of the shots in order of how we wanted it to be shown that's where the animé we made suddenly became useful.
This is the raw footage placed in a timeline ready to be chopped and screwed                

This was the final look the film after all of the editing, Bernard watched our clips in order and told us they all needed to be shorter to match the pace of the music and the film and taking his advice worked really well for our group because it was small thing that made the film a million times better.

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