Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Analysis of title sequences

1. Titles over a blank screen - A technique where the titles are shown over a blank screen the effect of this is a slow build up but focus and more credit goes to the cast in my opinion this would only be a useful way to open a film if the cast is full of well known celebrities as the viewer has no alternative to watching and paying attention. Donny Darko starts like this.

2. A narrative opening with titles running through - In this method the film has actually started while the titles are running this is a way to introduce the film better because honestly no-one really pays attention to titles anyway they do this in the stepfather.

3. Discreet title sequence - this is where a special sequence is created it may or may not have any relevance to the plot of the film but sets the tone of the film up nicely. They do this in the film Seven

 4. A narrative opening - where a narrator talks for the opening of the movie

I think that in our group we should do a narrative opening with the titles running through because as we will have a small time restriction its better to spend that time intriguing the audience rather than boring them with names and a blank screen

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