Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Evaluation of Prelim Film

This was by far, our best attempt at making something as a group, considering our earlier effort with the card game was a total BUST!

- For starters we finally finished the task on time, we managed to agree on a setting and on ideas quite quickly and we worked as a team way more efficiently.
- Each of us have gotten really good at a different aspect of making films, kinda like me and shazray come up with the ideas, Aykuts the guy behind the cameras and stuff and Jajeet helps with editing.

- There wasn't really any bad points other than the fact that we weren't all present at the filming of the film, although with a 3 man team at that specific point we worked quite well!
- Limitations, well first of all our filming was limited to the confines of the college, so we weren't able to go out to film in other places and we had to make due with the crowded college, filled with other media students who were filming at the same time.
- Then there was the lighting, which wasn''t really in our favor because we had no control over it, security guards would throw a fit even if we touched the switch.

With that said i think our final film will be so much better because we would have control over all the limitations such as lighting and setting, plus for the exercise we had to cut some parts short due to the limit in time we had, but when the final project comes to we'll have a few weeks to film and edit, in contrast to the 3-4 hours we had to film and edit that short sequence... And the fruits of our labour....

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