Tuesday, 8 February 2011


After we finished with final cut pro, we thought all that was left was just to add the sound track and titles using sound track pro and Live type pro.

First up was the sound track.
The combined effort of me and shazray we decided instead of using a default sound track we wanted to put a song as our soundtrack instead so off we went to YOUTUBE found the song '99 problems' ----> Hopped too 'Listentoyoutube.com' Downloaded it and popped it on soundtrack Pro.
 After putting it on soundtrack pro we cut parts of the sound, to play according to certain parts of the film...

For Live Type it was a bit different... We started off messing around with the fonts and effects to see which one best suited our film... Although after ages and us exhausting our options, we came to the conclusion we didn't want any 'Fancy' titles rather we wanted it simplistic.
And someone suggested we try going back to final cut pro, because creating a simplistic title there would be far easier that creating one using Live Type.

There we created the titles and popped them along the time line, in a specific order we chose, and arranging the opening credits to the roles done.

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