Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Adding The Title Sequence

Adding a title sequence ,surprisingly took longer than I had anticipated as usually divas (Adekunle) wanted their name to be all over the place and that wasted alot of time, discussing who played what role in the creating of the films.
We realised its important for everyone to participate and have some input on all aspects but give everyone a specific field and role to cover just to stop Adekunle from talking nonsense.

The choice of font was inspired by the fast and the furious poster we analysed in class. The bold font and rough edges show that this is going to be a bold preponderantly male film.

 The animation of the text was very important. It had to match the films tempo and themes it was quick and almost flashed across the screen just like the editing if the titles lingered it would almost slow down the whole tempo of the film which is the opposite of what we wanted to do. Plus it ad to match the soundtrack 

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