Friday, 4 February 2011

Inspirational Title sequences

To me i think the best title sequence of all time is the star wars title sequence
personally i have never seen or have any intention to see any of the star wars films. However its famous title sequence is so unique and famous i can automatically recognise star wars when i see the introduction levatating through space and it sets up the theme of an intergalactic film nicely.

Another good title sequence is the one they used in seven. I have never watched Seven before but the title sequence somehow engaged my attention maing me want to watch the rest of the flm, now that is my goal for when our group makes our beggining to a thriller, the main priority is to make the audience want to continue watching just because they are left with so many questions and so much interest.
The thing that eroused my interest in Seven was the eeriness of the font and the obscure shots of this person or thing cutting the tips of their fingers off and sewing book pages together it all just made me want to know what was going to happen next. I even went home and researched the film because i was so intrigued.

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