Wednesday, 2 February 2011



On Monday 24th January's lesson, the glass gathered in groups to talk about a films title font. We discovered that depending on a films genre the type of font differs. For example, a comedy film uses chunky and bubbly fonts that are brightly coloured. Possibly to resemble that the film in question will be funny, lighthearted, over the top and colourful.
        Whereas, a horror film would use use letters with pointed edges, and mainly the colour of the title would be blood red. Possibly to symbolise that this is a sinister film, the blood red colouring could symbolise the deaths of many characters and the sharp points on the letters could resemble the weapons used to kill or could resemble the feeling of danger.


As in this poster the font used is chunky and funny looking, the BIG's lettering is bigger than the Mama's House, possibly to make fun of the chubby character on the left. The letters are coloured in bright red on a blue background, possibly to make it stand out, and also to match the characters dress colour.

As we can see with this poster part of the title is written in red and the other written in white, to make it standout from the black background. The K in the title has a distinct sharp point, possibly to symbolise the danger of the two sinister looking characters in the front.


To conclude this lesson has taught me that no any random font can e used for a films title, depending on the genre and plot of the film. The font also has to incorporate the films themes as this is the first thing audiences shall see of a film. So it should aim to make the audiences guess what ever genre and what kind of film it will be. 

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