Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation Question 8

Final Evaluation

The Problem with our prilim film were that the camera angles weren't varied  enough, the lighting wasn't thought about which left our film looking abit dark, the text used for the titles weren't given any thought, which left the font looking abit out of place, and we didnt create our own sound track for the film, we just ripped a turret from a song on youtube.

However, for our final film we address all those issues one by one. By adding an array of different shots and camera angles, so we had a variety to chose from when editing. We always made sure we had a lighting kit, just incase the location we shot is was abit too dark and characters couldnt be made out. Also we put thought into the text of the titles. Which we used the font Groudy, because it represented the font used in a school text book and because our film was set in a college it seemed highly relevant. Also we spent alot of time on the sound, to make sure it connoted the atmosphere the clip was giving off. And also that the music was relevant to what was going on in the clip.

To conclude I believe our final film was more successful that our primil because we had addressed all the negative aspects of it, and took it in to consideration when shooting and editing our final film.        

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