Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation Question 6

In this wordle/word cloud, consists of the all the comments given by the audience that watched our film, the more common a word was used the bigger the word is on the word cloud.

Generally the audience liked our film, they really enjoyed the first half, the football montage. They liked the fast pace editing and the fast and up beat music. Which really went well with the fact the students were playing football. The thought the soundbrigde used once the Caretaker comes into the frame was really effective, to sperate the two parts of our opening.

However, they also thought the second half dragged on abit, killing the fast pace of the beginning, a couple also mentioned that they missed the title of the film, and that thought it was a basement, which was supposed to be dark and creepy, they couldnt see parts of the basement.

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