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  • Lighting


                 Final film

One thing we learned had a major importance over the look of the film that we didn't realise while making the prelim was the significance of lighting. Using more light was necessary, even for shots that we wanted to be dark, it was important to let the viewer see the location and costumes it would be a waste of time working on mis-en-scene just to have the film too dark for anyone to even see any of it.

  • Shot Types

I think that our framing was a lot better in our final film. We paid more attention to detail in the way we manipulated everything that was shown to the viewer.
In this shot of Ade walking down the stairs we cut off his head its supposed to be an establishing/ long shot the first time we see Ade's full body but he's entire body isn't in the frame and we filmed everyshot only once meaning when it came to editing some shots couldnt be used and this meant we either had to re-film (which we didn't have time to do or scrap together wasted footage

This is a shot from our final film. Aykuts head is right at the top of the shot. also we made it a point to get more shots of the samme thing so that if there is anything wrong with one we dont have a big problem it took longer to film but it meant we had more shots to choose from and there was a much lower risk of having to re film.

Furthermore we filmed from a lot more angles and locations covering every area of the location.   

  • Editing
In our prelim film we used much more effects and transitions the reason why we didn't use any special effects in our final film is because none of the title sequences that inspired us used any. But we did get a match cut that was very well complemented in the feedback, the football sequence where we filmed a character shooting the football the cutting to the ball going into the net it flowed really nicely also we got through the editing much quicker it only took us about 3 hours total to edit the clips together the longest part was finding the right shots on the memory card because in our final film we shot a lot more footage than our preliminary film.

  • Mise en scene

In our final film we paid much more attention to detail when it came to mise-en-scene.we transformed this empty room into a caretakers closet. Our characters where appropriately dressed for their roles. we actually had a discussion and brainstormed what each and every character in the film should be wearing whereas in our preliminary film our costumes where just what we came to college in I was supposed to be a big time crime lord but there was no way of the audience knowing that until the storyline revealed it.

 Aykut was supposed to be a bouncer but this had to be acted it wasn't shown to the audience and that's another thing I learned sometimes things have to be made very obvious or people just wont understand.

  • Sound

The sound for the final film was completely original composed on soundtrack pro for the football sequence the sound needed to be upbeat the tempo needed to match the speed of the action it was edited really fast so the music needed to be fast as well. For the second part with the janitor I used some eerie background noise to create suspense with some occasional jumps just to shake the viewer and make sure it doesn't get too boring and repetitive. Also i put in a sound bridge to merge the two scenes together. There was some diegetic sound like the ball bouncing or the janitor chewing gum.

The soundtrack for our preliminary film was chosen because we heard Jay Z 99 problems in the opening sequence of "the taking of pelham 123" and that film opening had the effect that we wanted to recreate and thats why we used it we cut out all of the diegetic sound and just had the track play the whole way through then there was the sound of an explosion at the end.

  • Planning skils

For our final idea we changed our mind about 4 times which was a major time waster. We just couldn't think of anything good and original. Unlike in our preliminary film when we just had to make a bag swap look interesting. We planned our preliminary film with a jelly baby animatic but the only thing we didn't do was plan shots using the jelly babies.

When we finally did come up with an idea for our final film the planning was more about shot types and angles than plot really, and when it came to filming the list of shots made it a very quick process.

  • Teamwork
Working as a team was crucial we all had to come together and respect each others ideas. It would have been much harder to film alone. Fortunately all of us had blackberry's so we had 24/7 access to each other in-case their was something needed for example when we thought we had put our rough cut on the blog but we hadn't so Aykut realised then sent me a message then i went into college and put it up thats good teamwork.

  • Technology
We used technology for everything other than the plan for research we had to get onto youtube and watch movie trailers. For filming we used 720hp HD cameras for editing we had to use final cut pro on the macs.  

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