Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Our opening sequence was shown in class and evaluated this is a wordle made from the feedback from the viewers. 

According to this wordle the audience used the word "GOOD" a lot but im pretty sure thats only in regards to the football sequence because the second half of the film really bored and confused the audience.



Part 2

It went the way i ha predicted we didn't make any sense of plot obvious to the character we just created a curiosity around the janitor and perhaps left the audience with too many questions. However they thought that the football sequence was really well shot and edited well plus the sound bridge was good.

Showing our film in the cinema
Silence and hesitation was the main response with a few consolation claps at the end 

As this video shows we didn't quiet receive the reaction from the audience that we where expecting. There was a lot of laughter mostly. we wanted their to be a complete silence to show that we had the audiences full attention that's the reason why we made the scenes with the janitor silent because if you take away the audiences sense of hearing they have to use their sight and concentrate harder this didn't really work.

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